444 hand drawn space gats on Solana.
Made by a kid & his dad.

Hey there! We’re a father and son team doing an NFT/crypto drop. Our goal is to bring value to our community by providing assistance, support & love to creative endeavors. Check out our roadmap below.

Minting: March 2022


Our Roadmap

This roadmap outlines our immediate goals and where we want to take SolGats this year. We’re just getting started, and have a lot of ideas to help bring value to our community.



Each NFT is algorithmically generated by combining 80+ hand drawn, unique traits across different categories. There are only 444 NFTs available for grabs including 1 of 1 art and a golden gats collection that provide additional $pew rewards.

wen roadmap. wen alpha. wen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are SolGats?

They are an NFT collection consisting of 444 hand drawn space gats. We bring value to our community by providing assistance, support & love to web3 creative endeavors.

How do i purchase SolGats?

We’re minting in March and will announce a specific date soon. After initial launch, we’ll work to get them launched on secondary markets such as SolanArt.

How can you ensure distribution is random?

We will be using a smart contract deployed on the Solana blockchain to distribute the SolGats. The tokens can be verified on the blockchain and our smart contract code uses industry standard software.

Is each SolGats drawing unique?

Each SolGats image will be unique. We have ensured via code on the backend that no two NFTs will be replicated.

What wallet should I use?

Phantom is the suggested wallet.

Who is behind SolGats?

We are a father & son team with a community of Solana enthusiasts, artists, coders, and crypto investors. We are excited about the possibilities of Solana and hope we can be a blue chip within the Solana NFT ecosystem.

How to get in touch with us?

Moose is the point of contact for the project, but you may prefer to connect with our community for non-business related enquiries. Either way, reach out via Discord below and we’d be happy to chat.

Meet The Team

Meet Cub, the young boy creative directing this madness of an idea. Next is Moose – his father who handles the coding, development and behind the scenes magic to make this project shine.

Finally NootGat – our amazing artist. He doesn’t talk much – but he’s a bird, what do you expect?

More importantly, we’re building one of the best dang communities in the Solana space today – Come say hi!

gm. gn. GMI.

Join the Community

We building a community of people who are passionate about web3 technology and helping support each others efforts. Gotta start somewhere, right?